Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday Bag: A Snake for A Snake

A few weeks ago, I turned 24! And my wonderful husband, who always knows what to get me, bought me this absolutely gorgeous python hobo purse from Etsy!

Kendall Genuine Python Snakeskin Leather Soft Hobo Shoulder Bag Purse Handbag in Black

I Love It! At first, since summer is Upon us, I was concerned with the bulk and color, but I've found that I like wearing a statement bag with my bright outfits. From the front it looks quite like I'm wearing a tire around my arm, which I think captures some interest. It also gives any outfit I'm wearing a slight edge. From the side the intricate detailing of the layered scales comes into play.

I can, of course, carry EVERYTHING in it. It's also very comfortable and soft. I'm Chinese, and born in the Year of the Snake (yep, it's my year!), so I've always loved the silky serpent. This bag is awesome. Go get one.

The only downside so far is my newfound fear of rain. It's been a very rainy June in nyc, and I'm always clutching the bag to my chest under my umbrella in order to preserve the beautiful scales. Once they start to flip up, it's Game Over Man, Game Over.

Here's the link if anyone has been swayed into Bag Purchase Purgatory.

Have no fear, it's romantic to be the Lady in Heels Under the Giant Umbrella.


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